Life-Changing Community

Chances are you’re already in a small group. You have friends that get together to do something you all have in common. Golf, book clubs, movies…small groups are not a new idea. Actually, in the book of Acts it says that they worshipped in the temple but ministry happened house to house.

Not all of our small groups meet in houses, but most do. And not all of our groups are what many would call “traditional ministry”. But connecting with the church through small groups is how we find life-changing community at WCC. Almost all of our ministries are currently run through or started because of small groups.

More than just the traditional Bible study (we have those too), we’ve had small groups for military families, prison ministry, women’s soccer, self-defense, and even teenage hair styling! Our small groups are not only fun- we’ve found they are the glue that holds the church community together.


We have three semesters of small groups at WCC and we kick each off together as a church!

Fall: Staring in September and ending in NOV/DEC
Winter/Spring: Starting in February and ending in late APR/MAY
Summer: June and July. Our summer small groups are designed to be activity or event based. This is where you’ll find the softball team, frisbee golf groups, hiking, quilting, fairs and festivals and even a “Dinner and a Movie” group.

Small Groups pause in January and August as we use those months to focus on our 21 Days of Prayer.

Your Groups

Our next groups start in February and we’ll have groups all over our part of the city to choose from. Traditional Bible studies, workbook groups and social get togethers as well. Face it, you’re already in a group somehwere: the people you go see movies with, the lunch bunch, they guys who come over to watch the game (who never help pay for the pizza)…you’re already in a group of some kind. We’ve found that the best way to get to know people is to find a group and plug in. So think about a group you might be interested in attending, and if that isn’t one listed then maybe you should start it!


Do you have an idea for a new small group or have you thought about leading one? Connect with the church office and share your idea. Have your topic, location, time and day of the week in mind.

Small group registration opens two to three weeks before each semester begins. Sign up for your group below.
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