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From time to time everyone goes through a desert. Not a physical desert like the Mojave or Sahara, but hard and challenging times that dry up finances, time or relationships. In those deserts it seems like there’s no way out and no hope in any direction you turn. Pastor James Sunnock from Victory Life Church in Battle Creek, Michigan tells us that there is not only hope in your desert, there may be a purpose for you being there.

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Christians today wrestle with their stance on contemporary issues including politics, gender identity, and marriage. How can we love those with significantly different attitudes and lifestyles without compromising our beliefs? Exploring the Book of Daniel for timely answers, this series reveals how to keep God’s standards high and his grace deep—just as Daniel and Jesus did. Many people think they know about Daniel- the man who was thrown in the lion’s den in the Bible, but that’s about as far as they can go in his story. Daniel’s story is one that is as relevant for us today as it was for him. These six messages show us Daniel and Jesus faced many of the same cultural issues and trials we do.


So what do you do when your faith and your culture collide?

Radio has been one of the primary reasons of our communication for years. But having a radio alone doesn’t mean you’ll be able to hear or listen to what you want to. You need to know the frequency to tune into, and it needs to be precise otherwise it can be garbled or full of static.

In this message Pastor Steve Bradcovich discusses one of the primary reasons we can’t tune into, or hear what God is saying:  the condition of our heart.

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