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How we see the world around us affects every area of our life. It can often be the difference between life and death. And the saddest thing is that most people’s worldview is closer to Satan’s than God’s. What is your worldview. How do you see the world around you? Is it affecting you?

The Bible is God’s Word to Us and is the Foundation of our Worldview, our Understanding of God, His Kingdom and His Way. In this message, we examine why the bible is different from any other book and why we should use it as the foundation for our lives and worldview.

So many times in life we get lost in the constant rat race, and lose the ability to get the most out of life. In this message, we look at God’s simple yet profound principle on how to have the best life ever.

God has called us to be champions. But the way we fight is different from how the people around us fight.

We have powerful weapons in hard times; they just aren’t the ones everyone around us uses.

Let’s explore the weapons God has given us and let’s see how to use them in our everyday life.


Because it’s time to fight!

Financial Review Half Year 2019

Being a good steward of God’s tithes and offerings is so important. And even more important is what we were able to do with them-the lives changed in the last six months make all the difference in the world.
Watch this short video to see how WCC stacks up against the average church!

Dr. Jay has a unique way of presenting the Bible to people. You will enjoy both the message and the presentation.
Dr. Jay is known to have the “right word” to cause His people to be “stirred to build.” Whether that is physically, spiritually, relationally, or personally, building is what we do best! Their heart is to reveal Jesus to a church and a world in desperate need of once again beholding him!
In this message, Dr. Jay talks to us about the heart of God and how God looks at us when we fail Him and fail in life.
People can be surrounded by other people in a crowded setting, and not experience community. In this message, Pastor Deonte focuses on our need for relationships, why they are so important in life, and what we can do to have deep relationships.
The biggest issue that affects the happiness of a relationship is the issue of dominance or control. Listen and see if it is affecting your relationship and how to change it in your life and relationship.
The statement “A marriage never rises above the level of the two mouths involved in it” isn’t from the Bible, but the root of the statement itself is. Any relationship can be blessed or ruined by what we say.
No matter what your relationship status is…single, newlywed, married and surviving or married and struggling, God can bring life and hope to you when you give him the throne.

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If something’s fresh it generally doesn’t have an old look or smell to it because it’s fresh…right? God wants that for us when we choose to follow Him, and He makes it easy for us to have that fresh start. The hard part for us is giving up the old, non-fresh things that we have in our lives now and may not want to give up. The good news is there’s not just hope for us, there’s help.  Part 1 of 2 messages.

There’s a Japanese proverb that says “When the character of a man is not clear, look at his friends.” That same concept is found throughout the Bible in the Old and New Testaments which boil down to this: Your relationship decisions are some of the most important decisions you will make. Who you choose to spend your time with and influence you will say as much or more to people as the actual words you use.

One of the most interesting things about God’s plan is that even though He can do anything, His desire was, and still is, to work with us to accomplish it.

Happiness and fulfillment are byproducts of putting God first in life. They are the fruit of His seeds taking hold. One of the most important messages Jesus gave us was that a life should be measured by the fruit it bears.

There are multiple ways of doing almost anything. You can clear snow from your driveway with chopsticks or with a snowblower. Both will work eventually, but one seems to be a bit more effective than the other. Sometimes the way we deal with a spiritual issue  may not be wrong, but wouldn’t you want to know if there was a more effective way, especially if that way was given to us by God?
When we think of Christmas- one of the last things we think about are questions. But each of the main characters in the Christmas story had a question to answer, and each was different. The series is titled 5 Questions, but the first message (Mary’s Question) is unavailable.
God’s plan for our lives is actually pretty simple, but in order to fulfill it you need to know what it is. With so many things pulling for your time, your attention and your heart, the real struggle can be sifting through the clutter to find out what really matters.
God's plan is easy...if you choose to do it.
From time to time everyone goes through a desert. Not a physical desert like the Mojave or Sahara, but hard and challenging times that dry up finances, time or relationships. In those deserts it seems like there’s no way out and no hope in any direction you turn. Pastor James Sunnock from Victory Life Church in Battle Creek, Michigan tells us that there is not only hope in your desert, there may be a purpose for you being there.


Christians today wrestle with their stance on contemporary issues including politics, gender identity, and marriage. How can we love those with significantly different attitudes and lifestyles without compromising our beliefs? Exploring the Book of Daniel for timely answers, this series reveals how to keep God’s standards high and his grace deep—just as Daniel and Jesus did. Many people think they know about Daniel- the man who was thrown in the lion’s den in the Bible, but that’s about as far as they can go in his story. Daniel’s story is one that is as relevant for us today as it was for him. These six messages show us Daniel and Jesus faced many of the same cultural issues and trials we do.

So what do you do when your faith and your culture collide?

Radio has been one of the primary reasons of our communication for years. But having a radio alone doesn’t mean you’ll be able to hear or listen to what you want to. You need to know the frequency to tune into, and it needs to be precise otherwise it can be garbled or full of static.
In this message Pastor Steve Bradcovich discusses one of the primary reasons we can’t tune into, or hear what God is saying:  the condition of our heart.

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