I believe that I had a wonderful childhood.  It was not without its challenges though.  The wonderful part was living with my grandparents.  The challenge was my parents were divorced.  Looking back, being raised by my grandparents was a blessing in disguise.  I was raised by a different generation.  A generation that believed in things that soon became foreign ideas to those around me.  I was taught to respect my elders and always tell the truth.  These lessons were often taught through stories that my grandfather would tell.

One of the best stories (because of the lessons I would learn later) was about my grandfather and his brother digging a well.   My grandfather was down in the hole digging when his brother accidentally dropped a brick on his head.  He apologized but as my grandfather said, it did not make the pain go away.  Even if he was sorry, the pain still existed.

He would use this story every time I said I was sorry because of something that I had done wrong.  Saying I was sorry would not make the pain go away; even if I meant it. As I got older I realized that there were many people in life that were saying sorry for things they had done or had caused to happen.  There were times when I would wonder if they were truly sorry or just sorry that they were caught or caught in the act.

There was a woman in the Bible who was “caught in the act” and Jesus of all people knew whether she was guilty or not but still choose to have mercy on her.  With just a few words and a little writing in the sand, Jesus was able to persuade an entire crowd of people.

In our society today people often hurt us.  It may be their words, their actions or even their beliefs.  When they say they are sorry we tend not to believe them because the hurt is still there.  Remember, saying you are sorry does not make the pain stop.  Nevertheless, can’t we try to be more like Jesus?

I believe we should all strive to be more like Jesus.  When we decide to give others mercy, even when it still hurts, we are being like Jesus.  That is what will ultimately change the world around us.