This Sunday, March 18th WCC welcomes

Pastor Steve Mayanja from Kampala, Uganda!

Pastor Steve Mayanja will update us on the amazing things God is doing throughout Eastern Africa using his church, the World Outreach Ministry Foundation, and the Bible Seminary “Yesu Akwagala” (Jesus Loves You) he oversees there in Uganda. This is the Bible school where all of the pastors we sponsor each year go to study, then they return to thier village or town to start a church.

We’re proud to be one of the supporting churches of Pastor Steve’s ministry as they take the message of Jesus to Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Brundi, Sudan, South Sudan, Congo and Ethiopia. 

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Sunday Worship Service

We invite everyone to attend our Sunday Worship Service as we celebrate God in song, scripture, humor and prayer.
We meet @ 10am in Mount Vernon High School, Alexandria, VA. Coffee & donuts start at 9:30, so come early!


WCC Small Groups

Real life change happens in the context of relationships. At WCC we have many small groups throughout the year.

Our early fall semester Small Groups just ended, but we have TWO ongoing groups where you can jump in at any time.

You can register for your small group at


You Were Created for a Purpose

We believe each of us were created for a purpose. Our Growth Track can help you identify your purpose, and we have many ways we serve each other, our community and the world.


Set Aside 21 Days


21 days can change everything. We set aside 21 days twice a year to focus on praying for our families, nation and our community. We’re currently in the middle of our frist 21 day period which ends on JAN 28th. Each weekday morning we meet at the church office at 6AM to start the day in prayer. We have a short 10 min message focusing on the theme we’re praying for that day, we sing a worship song together and then pray individually until 6:50 when we come together to pray as a group.

Each day we have a teaching on a subject to challenge us to pray for our families, church, nation and our leaders at all levels. These days are set aside on our calendar, but you can start anytime!




CONTACT US – 703.780.1112


Join us for Sunday service at Mount Vernon High School – 8515 Old Mount Vernon Rd. Alexandria, VA 22309